Christmas traditions



Christmas Traditions

A celebration of festive lore

“There seems a magic in the very name of Christmas.”
– Charles Dickens

This is an entertaining and enlightening  guide to the sacred and secular traditions of Christmas: some being many centuries old and others surprisingly new.

When first experienced in childhood, Christmas seems all of a piece and to have a wondrously timeless quality, as its different aspects fit snugly together.  Christmas Traditions considers how those different elements have evolved,  and its collection of charming facts, quotations and anecdotes will rekindle the memories that are an essential part of the magical nature of Christmas.

Beautifully illustrated with images from the British Library’s own vast collections and from other important holdings, this book reflects the joyful nature of Christmastime.

George Goodwin is a Makin Fellow at the British Library’s Eccles Centre for American Studies and  is promoting Christmas Traditions in association with the Eccles Centre.